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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Saturday, September 26, is National Drug Take Back Day


There are lots of reasons to clean out your medicine cabinet this Saturday; but did you know that protecting the environment is one of them? 






Medications Impact the Environment*

Prescription and over-the-counter medications are a source of pollution when they are flushed down the toilet or drain. Waste-water facilities and septic systems are not currently designed to process pharmaceutical products. Compounds passing through these systems can impact surface waters, groundwater, and drinking water supplies. Pharmaceuticals can also be released into waterways via stormwater run-off from fields applied with manure or biosolids.
Modern technology can detect more substances, at lower levels, than ever before.   Fortunately, tests done in the spring of 2008 detected no compounds in Boston's source drinking water that comes from the Wachusett and Quabbin Reservoirs. According to the American Water Works Association, research has not demonstrated an impact on human health from pharmaceuticals at the very low levels reported nationally in some drinking water supplies. Studies have shown, however, that medicines that reach streams, rivers, and lakes do affect wildlife, as fish and wildfowl face continuous exposure to the drugs. Medications thrown haphazardly in the trash can also be eaten by wildlife that frequent landfills.
* This information is from MA DEP and DCR.

Reduce Water Pollution & Promote a Healthy Environment by Properly Disposing of Unneeded or Expired Medications

Lucky for the people of Lynn, The Lynn Police Department has a drop-off Kiosk available everyday at their headquarters at 300 Washington Street for the drop-off of unneeded or expired drugs.  September 26 is a reminder that we should get it done, and  keep these medications from getting into the environment, the hands of a child or someone else who doesn't need them.

National Drug Take Back Day
September 26, 2015
10 am - 2 pm
Lynn Police Department
300 Washington Street

First 50 People to Bring Medications Will Receive a $10 Gift Card.