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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Countdown--Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday--Monday, Dec 1 and the New Trash and Recycling System

Welcome to the new blog Trash Talkin' Lynn!  Please come here often to see what is new, to ask questions and for the latest on trash and recycling in Lynn.

I've been  keeping my ear to the ground and listening to what people think about the new green trash and recycling carts standing in almost everyone's yard like sentries waiting to be pressed in to service on December 1, 2014.

Most people like the new carts and think that they will help keep the neighborhoods clean and orderly.  Others have questions and aren't quite sure how everything is going to work. Here are some of the questions that the D.P.W. has fielded in the last week.

Why can't I use plastic bags in the RECYCLING Cart, Aren't they recyclable?
Yes, plastic bags are recyclable but when you put them in the recycling they go to the recycling processing plant and create all kinds of problems by getting caught in the machinery.  What can you do with all the plastic bags, plastic wrap and film, dry cleaning plastic covering etc. that comes into your life on a daily basis?  You have a few choices.  You can recycle it by taking it to your super market and putting the plastic bags in the plastic bag recycling bin or you can re-use them or you can throw them away in your trash cart.

Do I put my garbage directly in the TRASH cart, without a trash bag? 
No!  We want you to put your garbage in plastic bags and then put the garbage in the trash cart.  Never throw garbage in the trash cart without first putting it in a plastic bag.   Memorize this rule:  Plastic bags go in the trash cart and not in the recycling.

Do I have to wash all the recycling before putting it in the RECYCLE CART?
It is important to keep the recycling clean because the recycling processing plant bundles up the different materials and then sells it to companies that make new products with it.  If it is too dirty it is said to be CONTAMINATED and they won't be able to sell it.  It's also important to keep it clean so you don't attract raccoons, skunks, squirrels and RATS to your recycling cart.   At the very least, rinse out the plastic food containers and don't put any greasy pizza box bottoms in there.

I need more carts because I don't think that my trash and recycling are going to fit in just one 64 gallon trash cart and one 96 gallon recycle cart.
We think the two carts are enough and Waste Management has experience in other communities with the carts and they are enough for most families in those communities.  You should be able to recycle 80% of the waste that you generate.   The idea behind the system is that you "recycle more and trash less".  You should be filling the Recycle Cart, and if it is full, then be sure you are flattening all the containers and boxes--and breaking down all the cardboard.

What if I recycle as much as I can and I still have too much trash and can't close my trash cart?
First, figure out if there is more that you can be doing.  For example, if you have a garbage disposal you can put most of your food waste down the disposal (not bones).   This will help to keep animals away from your carts.  If you have a lot of trash only some of the time, like after Thanksgiving and other holidays, you can buy "purple" over-flow bags.  They come in packages of five (5) and the cost $15.  You can fill those and put them on top of your trash cart.  Click on the link or the tab above to see a list of stores that sell the overflow bags.  

If you have too much trash and recycling every week, then you can rent another set of carts for $132 per year from Waste Management.  If you just want one extra recycling cart, it will cost $46 per year.  If you want only an extra trash cart, it will still cost $132, the cost of a set, even if you don't want the recycle cart.   This is because the INCENTIVE is to RECYCLE MORE AND TRASH LESS.       

That's it for now.  I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving.