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Overflow Bags

Overflow Bags are just that, Overflow bags, to be used for when you have more garbage than your trash cart can handle.  If you can fit a bag inside your cart and close the lid, you  don't need an overflow bag.  You can buy a packet of 5 overflow bags at the following stores for $15.00.

7-Eleven 50 Western Avenue Near RT 107
Cal’s News Store 53 Central Avenue Downtown Lynn
Full Moon Market 369 Summer Street Summer at Commercial St.
Mahan’s Trustworthy Hardware 45 Boston Street Boston Street
Nina's Market 51 Essex Street Essex at Eastern Ave.
Shaws 43 State Street State at Market Street
Shop Kwik Superette 534 Lynnfield Street Lynnfield Street
Stop and Shop 35 Washington Street Washington at Boston St.
Tedeschi Food Shop 548 Summer Street Summer at Light Street
Tedeschi Food Shop 625 Boston Street Boston at Myrtle Street
Tedeschi Food Shop 201 Lewis Street Lewis at Breed Street

 Here is what they look like:

Package of 5 Overflow Bags

Filled with garbage


  1. why should we have to pay for overflow,we pay enough in taxes,if the cover does not close complete even just a little they are leaving trash,this looks good not,people are going to start thowing what you call overflow all over the city,city had people buy new barrels and now they are worthless,thhanks a lot could have uused the money for other things like bills.why would you not make easy on people and around xmas send out recycling trucks for whole city two weeks in row,no you think everyone can just take your barrel to salem,i think you need to rethink some of this new system that no one voted on.and then you make it so we can not publish what we comment about

  2. I agree!!!! Throw stuff away on the side of the roads looks much better and the large barrels look horrible and don't fit in most yards