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Monday, December 22, 2014

Recycling Right on Christmas - Opening Gifts

To make sure recycling is done right on Christmas while you are opening gifts, you need a simple plan.  You should have one bag for trash, a box or bin for recycling to take out to the cart later.  If you save ribbons and boxes, you should have a third bag or box for saving stuff.  Have these set up right there so you don't have to figure it out later.

Next, see the list below to know where to put wrapping and packaging:

Wrapping paper - Recyclable if it’s just paper. But if it’s covered with sparkles, or is made of metallic foil or cellophane, put it in the trash, or save it and use it again. 

Ribbons and bows - Non-recyclable. Reuse next year, or throw in the trash. A big problem with ribbon is not just what it’s made of, but its actual physical structure — stringy stuff gets wrapped up in the recycling machinery and jams it.  If you get some fabric ribbon, save it, iron and reuse next year.

Tape -Non-recyclable. Too much packaging tape and scotch tape clogs recycling equipment. Throw it in the trash.  Throw wrapping paper with lots of tape on it in the trash—or rip if off the part of the paper with the tape and put it in the trash.

Cardboard boxes Recyclable. Cardboard tubes and tissue paper should also be put in the recycle cart.

Bubble Wrap - Non-recyclable because it’s made of multiple plastics. Either reuse it or put it in the trash.

Polystyrene - Styrofoam Non-recyclable, reuse or put it in the trash. You get a lot of this in solid white chunks that hold electronic components and other things safely in place.

Packing peanuts - Non-recyclable. Reuse or put in the trash and make sure you bag it up so it doesn’t fly out during trash pickup. It can end up in storm drains and be ingested by wildlife.

Cellophane, plastic wrap - Reuse or trash, or take to the grocery store with your plastic bag recycling.

Hard plastic “Clamshell” packaging - Non-recyclable.  This is that plastic that is almost impossible to open without a box cutter. 

This is an example of paper that's recyclable, but reuse the string or throw it out. 
 Follow this link to the blog for free wrapping paper ideas.

Foil paper is not recyclable--put it in the trash or reuse it.

Cellophane is not recyclable in the cart

You can put cellophane and other plastic wrap in with your plastic supermarket bags and recycle it all at the supermarket.

Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays for all your celebrations-- and make the world a better place at the same time by recycling more and trashing less.


  1. So most everything throw in the trash. Cool story

  2. Yes, it is disappointing that we are unable to recycle more. However, recycling is just one of the three Rs--reduce, reuse, can still reduce by using less of what is not recyclable or reusing nice gift bags, bows and ribbons for next year.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I would have put things in recycling that don't belong there.

  4. Yeeps. I've put some things in the recycling bin I shouldn't have.

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